Do you want to increase your businessopportunities? Become a SAMURAI sales partner for wood chipper blades!

Why choose a SAMURAI chipper blades?

Why choose a SAMURAI chipper blades?

We are manufacturers who produces all the products we offer in our factory, without additional contractors;

Production capacity meets both very small and large orders, which is very important for working with small and big clients;

SAMURAI name strongly rising in Europe, so this is your chance to become our sales partner and expand your business;

CBC is the fastest growing company in its spectrum!

You will get new knowledge and contacts.

What are your business development opportunities with SAMURAI chipper blades?

Our marketing is focused on the direct customer, so you will receive contacts from us;

Our help with participation in exhibitions;

You can become a major importer in your region, country, and have your own sales spots;

We will help and advise if there is a lack of information in this area of products;

Contact our factory and we will discuss our cooperation opportunities.

Chipper Blades center

Tel.: +370 613 76608


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