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Chipper blades, designed for wood industry, are highly resistant to cyclical loads and abrasion. Usually the chipper blades are produced from high chromium (A8 modified, Viking tool steel) and high molybdenum steels.


Chipper blades in operation:



The chipper blades efficiently withstand impacts to dry wood, tree branches with the mix of sand and gravel. We used the advanced processing technology, thus using our chipper blades, customers do not need to sharpen them very offenly. Chipping companies save time and machine operation costs. The company Chipper Blades Center produces various chipper blades, such as Ari, Bandit chipper blades, Black Clawson, Asplundh, Altec, Beloit, Benzer, Bongiani, Brodbaeck, Bruks, Bush, CAE, Canadac, Capital, Carthage, Cumberland, Demuth, Diemer, Erjo, Ferrari, Fichtburg, Forano, Fuji Kogyo, Fulghum, Gustin Som, HAAS, Hedlund, Heinola, Ahlström, Holzmatic, Isles Forge, Jenz, Junkkari, Klöckner, Kone Wood, Lindner, Maier, Mitts Merrill, Morbark, Murrary, Nicholson, Olathe, Pallmann, Pessa, Pezzolato, PHL, Precision, Rader, Rauma, Rudnick, Segem, SG Strojirna, SIBA/ABC, Sjölins, Söderhamn, Springer, Sumner, Vecoplan, Vermeer, Wayne, Wigger, Zeno. 






Even in harsh jobs, the chipper blades maintain sharpness and durability for the long period of time.  The chipper blades withstand numerous impacts to the blade. After several hours of working, the chipper blades edges remain unaffected in the terms of blade cracking.












Extraordinary chipping resistance of the chipper blades is achieved using our high molybdenum steel and computer controlled heat treatment procedure. The strenghened chipper blades withstand numerous impacts, making them more resistant to different unexpected events.