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Our engineers designed the special line of industrial chipper knives for the recycling of plastic material, copper and other metal wires, tyres, rubber and other scraps. Contact us for our premium quality industrial blades and knives, designated specifically for recycling applications.


In order to achieve the durability of recycling blades and knives, high hardness is used - up to 63 HRC

Chipper Blades Center engineers has the solution for any of your cutting blade and knife requirements. Whether it's straight or complex shaped blade, we produce all kind of industrial blades and knives for recycling application. Our technological and human resources allow us to manufacture any custom industrial blades and knives for recycling purposes, based on the drawing or sample.

Many standard size industrial blades and knives for recycling industries are available from the stock.








In the picture is shown the copper processing. Our chipper blades and knives are special designed to make the chipping job as efficient as possible. No frequent replacement of chipper blades required. The chipper blades for recycling purposes are usually made from the D2 abrasion resistant tool steel. But sometimes, when chipper blades and knives are required to be impact resistant, we employ the high molybdenum steel, which withstand a lot of cyclical loads. We produce any kind of chipper blades according to the drawing, hardness requirement and desired mechanical properties.

Chipper blades are tested in the heavy duty applications both it cold winter times, when temperatures reach up to minus 20 degrees Celsius and hot summer time. The brittleness threashold of the chipper blades and knives is shifted far below zero.

All chipper blades quenching and tempering parameters are selected, basing on the mechanical testing, thus we guarantee, that chipper blades and knives will be cyclical load proof.

The edge retaining of the chipper blades and knive is always the most difficult task, however our engineers managed to do it very presicely. The egge of chipper blades remain stable even after numerous impacts to stones and other hard to recycle materials.

According to the special requests of the customers, we are producing recycling blades with the rough surfaces in order to avoid sliding and displacements after impacts. 















Wire milling process.