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Chipper Blades CenterUAB, has implemented the European Union funds investment project


Posted 13/4/2018

Do you want to increase your businessopportunities? Become a SAMURAI sales partner for wood chipper blades!

Why choose a SAMURAI chipper blades?

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Our company participated in ELMIA WOODS-2017 exhibition in Sweden.

Posted 10/7/2017

The exhibition was held on 7th-10th June 2017. Here are some photos..

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The company had a booth in Ligna exhibition.

Posted 2/6/2017

Ligna exhibition photos....

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LIGNA exhibition in Hannover will be held on 22-26th May, 2017

Posted 6/5/2017

Our outdoor booth number is HALL 27 M41/1

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Participation in Forst exhibition in Offenburg, Germany

Posted 4/5/2017

We participated in Forst exhibition, Offenburg, Germany. In the trade show our company displayed the latest achievements of industrial blades made from different steels and algorithms of the chipper blades heat treatment procedure. Pictures of the exhibition is herewith attached.

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Breaking news: Mus Max type blades hold 2-4 days without replacement

Posted 21/1/2016

The new technology revealed excellent benefits for the chipping industry...

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Chipper Blades Center new impact resistance development

Posted 24/4/2015

Engineers managed to double the number of impact cycles before the chipper blades and knives break during the heavy duty working process. The result of development is numerous times impacts, which are measured with the certified impact counter. The impact counter makes certain number of reduced energy impacts to chipper blades' material charpy V-notch specimen until it breaks. This is the most advance development process for quenched and tempered tool steel used for chipper blades.

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Chipper knives

Posted 3/4/2015

The brand new line of chipper blades was invented by our company's engineers. The small quantity sample deliveries are possible via our sales and distribution network.

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